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ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒 JPN

[Bookmark Does Not Disappear v1.0]
002D103C E12FFF1E

[Growth rate +XX% v1.0]
002E4264 E29050XX <- XX=02:+2%, 05:+5%, 0A:+10%, 64:+100%

[ALL Stats Up By Level Up v1.0]
002E42CC E3A00000
*Growth rate need larger than 1%

[EXP Multiplier (Max100) v1.0]
002862E0 E1A04XX1
002862E4 E3540064
XX=08:x2 10:x4 18:x8 20:x16 28:x32 30:x64

[Control Enemy 敵操作]
00151DA0 E1500000

[Infinite Movement 無限移動]
00151DB0 E1A00000

[Able to item trade with the enemy 敵とアイテム交換可能]
003D4848 E1500000

[All Enemy Items Drop アイテム必ずドロップ]
001742D8 E1D00AB2
001742DC E3500000

[Able to use convoy anyone v1.0]
001B5FC4 E3A00001

[Forging weapon limit level 8 v1.0]
003BAB94 E3540008
003BAB9C E3A00008
003BB534 E3540008
003BB53C E3A00008
003BBF8C E3540008
003BBF94 E3A00008

[Possible to forging Weapon total level 24 v1.0]
003BA7B0 E2705018
003BA888 E3A03018
003BBD50 E3500018

[Possible to forging Weapon level down v1.0]
003BBD64 E3740001
003BBD68 03A04000
003BBD70 EA000003

[Forge Any Weapon v1.0]
003BE95C E1A00000

[Can Equip All Skills 全スキル装備可能]
002C2E68 E3A00001

[Able to Attack Ally 味方に攻撃可能]
0027CC5C E3A00000
003D4A3C E3A00000

[Proficient Max v1.0]
00457DC0 E92D4021
00457DC4 E6AF1074
00457DC8 E599506C
00457DCC E5D55008
00457DD0 E3550000
00457DD4 1A000008
00457DD8 E3A05001
00457DDC E5902068
00457DE0 E0822001
00457DE8 E5D25054
00457DEC E3550000
00457DF0 10800001
00457DF4 E3A0205A
00457DF8 15C020BE
00457DFC E8BD8021
002CAC10 EB06346A

[Critical Rate Max v1.0]
00457E00 E0800001
00457E04 E5941000
00457E08 E591106C
00457E0C E5D11008
00457E10 E3510000
00457E14 03A000FF
00457E18 0A000002
00457E1C E3510002
00457E20 0A000000
00457E28 E59410A4
00457E2C E12FFF1E
003CA44C EB02366B

[Move Range Max 移動範囲最大]
00457E90 E596106C
00457E94 E5D11008
00457E98 E3510000
00457E9C 03A00063
00457EA0 13510002
00457EA8 E1A09000
00457EAC E12FFF1E
002DF038 EB05E394

[All Convoy Item Max v1.0]
00457EB0 E92D401C
00457EB4 E1DF22B0
00457EB8 E3A03000
00457EBC E1D140B0
00457EC0 E3540000
00457EC4 E1C120B0
00457ED4 E1D150B0
00457ED8 E8BD801C
00457EDC 0000C350
001E3270 EB09D30E
*Enter Item Transfer Menu

[Instant Support v1.0]
00457F40 E92D40E0
00457F44 E5D010C4
00457F48 E3A05004
00457F4C E0856004
00457F50 E5D66000
00457F54 E3560063
00457F58 0A000009
00457F5C E2466001
00457F60 E1A07006
00457F64 E1560001
00457F68 0A000005
00457F6C CA000003
00457F70 E2855001
00457F74 E3550007
00457F78 DAFFFFF3
00457F7C EA000000
00457F80 E5C070C4
00457F84 E5D010C4
00457F88 E8BD80E0
001E7804 EB09C1CD
00457F90 E92D00F0
00457F94 E5D140C4
00457F98 E3A05004
00457F9C E0856003
00457FA0 E5D66000
00457FA4 E3560063
00457FA8 0A000009
00457FAC E2466001
00457FB0 E1A07006
00457FB4 E1560004
00457FB8 0A000005
00457FBC CA000003
00457FC0 E2855001
00457FC4 E3550007
00457FCC EA000000
00457FD0 E5C170C4
00457FD4 E5D110C4
00457FD8 E8BD00F0
00307228 EA054358
*Check All Character in Support Menu

[Inf HP 無限HP]
00457CD0 E59D0004
00457CD4 E92D4002
00457CD8 E59D1014
00457CDC E3510003
00457CE0 18BD8002
00457CE4 E594106C
00457CE8 E5D11008
00457CEC E3510000
00457CF0 18BD8002
00457CF4 E3A00063
00457CF8 E5C4008F
00457CFC E8BD8002
0030B4A0 E92D4032
0030B5A8 E8BD8032
0030B594 EB0531CD

[Anywhere Starting Position In Preparations (Including Enemy) v1.0]
00457C94 EE101A10
00457C98 E92D4001
00457C9C E5970020
00457CA0 E5900008
00457CA4 E5900008
00457CA8 E3700001
00457CAC 05C81018
00457CB0 05C82019
00457CB4 15C8101A
00457CB8 15C8201B
00457CBC E8BD8001
00152608 EB0C15A1
0015260C ED900A06
00152610 EEBD0AC0
00152614 EE102A10
00152618 E3590000
00150A68 E3100B02
00150AD4 E3100B02
*Enemy’s danger area view button is change from A to Y
*The enemy’s position does not reflect on preparations save

情報元 – https://gbatemp.net/threads/gateway-cheats.402900/post-8542407

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